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Colors to Go With a Grey Roof

Grey shingles are a traditional color choice for a rooftop.
expensive home image by Karin Lau from Fotolia.com

Grey is a neutral color. It's an excellent color to use on a roof because it matches most colors at least reasonably well, and with neutral-colored homes, which make up the majority of traditionally decorated houses, grey shingles are one of the best choices on the market. In general you can't go wrong with grey shingles; they're not exciting, but they'll stand the test of time.


shades of gray paint work with a gray roof.
lawcain/iStock/Getty Images

Although sky-blue, powder blue and other shades of blue will match grey shingles, grey-blues really are striking when paired with grey shingles. The hint of grey in the blue paint matches the color of the house to the roof. If you're worried about your house becoming too dark overall, paint your trim and shutters white.


White and grey work together.
Linda Johnsonbaugh/iStock/Getty Images

White and grey are both neutrals. White is added to black to create grey. White is a conventional, traditional color to paint a house. If you paint your house white and pair it with grey shingles on the roof, paint the trim or shutters on your house grey as well. A black door also makes a classy and fitting centerpiece to the ensemble.


Red bricks look good with grey shingles.
lillis werder/iStock/Getty Images

Red bricks and white bricks tend to look much better with grey shingles than some other shades of brick. If your house is red or white brick and you plan to use grey shingles on your roof, add black or grey shutters and a black or grey door to tie the whole thing together. Don't use grey shingles on homes with yellow bricks or brown bricks; brown shingles are more appropriate.

Olive Green

Olive green looks good with grey shingles.
ligonography/iStock/Getty Images

Olive green and army green look fabulous with grey shingles, especially in homes tucked away in wooded areas where the combination of green and grey can make the home seem natural in its surroundings. In this case, when choosing a color for a door, go with black.

Shades of Grey

Pick grey shingles with a warm tone for warm colored homes.
Christopher Bradshaw/iStock/Getty Images

Grey shingles can have a warm or cool tone for use with different colors. You can match a grey shingle to a warm-colored home, but look for grey shingles with a warm cast -- meaning with a hint of red, brown, yellow or orange.

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