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How to Create Your Own Wrestler

You could be the next WWE superstar!

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is known for a lot more than just great wrestling skills. Along with those skills come memorable and entertaining characters. From Hulk Hogan to The Undertaker, there have been dozens of memorable WWE wrestlers throughout the years that have entertained fans and made wrestling history. Creating your own wrestler is a fun and exciting project; here's how.

Look at past gimmicks. Anything duplicated or recreated will be instantly written off as a bad copy, so you will want to make sure that your own wrestler is an original.

Think about nicknames that were given to you while growing up. See if any of these nicknames can be applied to your wrestling persona. For example, if you were nicknamed “The Clown,” you could always attempt a clown gimmick for your own wrestler.

Match your character’s name to your wrestling style. If you are a fact paced performer, consider a name like Lenny Lighting or Flying Freddie. It does not have to be as gimmicky either; simply using your own name has been successful for several wrestlers.

Create ring gear for your wrestlers. You will not want to change this a lot because the ring gear is what will help audiences recognize you. Stick to a certain color theme, or go all out with outfits like Macho Man Randy Savage once wore to the WWE.

Give your wrestler a personality. He can be cocky, aggressive, tough, mysterious, weird or so many other things, but you need to stick this trend for the character to work. If all of a sudden the character is unafraid one week and then scared the next, it will not make sense to fans.

Try your character out to other wrestling fans. See what they think about it and if it has potential to be successful.

Save some room to develop. You may find a nice new niche or twist for your wrestler as it progresses in your career. All of a sudden he could start carrying pumpkins to the ring or have some other trend like that.

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