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How to Dress Like a Mime Without a Striped Shirt

Be a mime without the cliche costume.
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Mimes are the ultimate actors. They can perform many actions and speak without using any words. Miming started in ancient Greece and was practiced all over Europe and ended up in Paris where it is practiced widely. Dressing like a mime doesn't have to be cliche, or use the standard striped shirt black pants combo. Most mimes wear basic black white pieces of white and occasional red mixed in. Best of all, to dress like a mime you do not need to buy a costume, the clothing pieces are most likely already in your own closet.

Things You'll Need:

  • Black Vest
  • White Gloves
  • Suspenders
  • Black Or White Shirt
  • Black Pants
  • Black Leotard
  • Face Paint
  • Beret
  • Black Shoes

Put on a black turtleneck shirt and black pants. Pair them with a pair of black leather shoes. Add suspenders by attaching them to your belt loops. Wear a long-sleeved white shirt with a black vest or a white boat neck shirt underneath a black leotard alternatively.

Wear white cotton gloves and a beret hat for authenticity. Derby and top hats also work if you cannot find a beret.

Paint your face white and your eyelids black. Draw a black line down the middle of the eyelid reaching from the bottom of the eyebrow to the center of the cheek. Use the black face paint to draw on exaggerated eyebrows and color the lips with either black or red paint.

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