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How to Contact Movie Stars

Celebrities have buffers between themselves and fans wishing to make contact.
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In interviews with movie stars, it may appear as if the interviewer made a spontaneous call to chat with the celebrity, but in reality it's not that simple. Anytime a journalist talks to a famous actor, people behind the scenes are the ones who make it happen. Publicists, managers, agents and even lawyers schedule interviews with editors and publishers. Fans don't have these parties at their disposal, but that doesn't mean they can't make contact with their favorite movie idol. Only attempt contact with celebrities through their publicists, managers or fan clubs, never via a home address or personal phone number, lest you wind up in legal hot water for stalking or invasion of privacy.

Make Contact

Celebrity admirers wanting to reach out have a few outlets at their disposal, from social media channels to publicists, agents and managers. Many movie stars have fan clubs or official websites that can help lead you to the appropriate contact info. Publicists handle media relations, but sometimes also deal with fan requests. Typically, A-list movie stars have a team of people responding to fan letters, autograph requests and social media postings. A credible celebrity listing site can make the search for contact info easier for a fee.

What to Expect

Don't expect any direct personal contact. Handlers are paid good money to act as buffers between legions of fans and their famous clients. You may get an autographed picture, a signed letter thanking you for your support or a social media shout out. If the actor has an official fan club, you may receive a response through that organization, but keep in mind that celebrities don't generally lick the stamps or hit the send button on such communiques themselves.

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