How to Contact an ESPN Personality

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The network call letters of ESPN have become so iconic that many sports fans forget what they even stand for -- Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. Since launching in 1979, the network has spawned many on-air personalities who've become famous in their own right. Fans wishing to contact these personalities have one official option at their disposal, as well as a few unofficial ones.

Send a Letter

According to ESPN, "network personalities are not available to handle inquiries, comments or questions via email." However, you can write to them via snail mail at the network's headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. The ESPN MediaZone website contains the full roster of on-air commenters and their bios, if you'd like to know more info on personalities before contacting them.

Social Media and Personal Websites

Even though you can't officially contact ESPN personalities other than through writing to the network, many of them nhave personal social media pages where you can try and connect. Some of the more well-known commentators, such as Kirk Herbstreit and Linda Cohn, even have their own websites that aren't associated with ESPN.