How to Be Featured on HGTV's "House Hunters"

HGTV's popular show, "House Hunters," is looking for individuals who are in the process of searching for a new home. A TV crew tags along as you tour homes, visit open houses, and make actual offers. The show gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the home searches made by individuals around the country.

Go to the Pie Town Productions website,, to find the application for "House Hunters." Click on the "Casting" button on the home page, which will take you to a series of icons representing the shows Pie Town produces. Click on "House Hunters."

Select “Buyer Application” and fill out the online application, which will ask you a number of basic questions, including your contact information, where you live, what your current home is like, and why you're moving.

Read the FAQs, which will explain the process. Among other things, Pie Town wants you to know that filming will be a bit time-consuming. Expect the process to take about five days, including when the camera crew returns after you've moved into your new home, to film a follow-up. Note that an honorarium is paid to the participating homeowner.

Email or fax the application. You might be eventually asked to submit a home video. If that's the case, you can mail that or upload it to the Pie Town website.

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