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How to Determine What Year My Cushman Truckster Is?

Find a Cushman Truckster serial number to determine the vehicle's production year.
number image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.com

Cushman Inc. began making two-wheeled scooters in the early 1900s, but by the 1950s the business was manufacturing three and four-wheeled vehicles called Trucksters. The Truckster models became popular as vehicles for parking meter attendants in many cities. Trucksters also were found on job sites or in industrial plants where small and maneuverable vehicles that could haul loads were needed. Determining the production year of a Truckster involves finding its serial number, or contacting an expert at Cushman.

Find the serial number. The Cushman serial number should be six numbers, then a dash, followed by four more numbers, such as 123456-7890. Trucksters often have their serial numbers on a metal plate on the dash near the emergency brake. Other locations to look include under the driver's side seat, and on the metal side rail that is just below the floorboard on the driver's side.

Focus on the two numbers following the dash. The two digits following the dash represent the year the Truckster was produced. All Trucksters were produced in the 1900s; thus a model number of 123456-7890 would mean that the Truckster was produced in 1978.

Contact a Cushman service representative. Cushman operates a customer service line that can provide information about how to find a serial number or can provide information about how to determine a production date without a serial number. The company's customer service line is 800-774-3946. The company also accepts email inquiries at [email protected]

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