How to Change the Battery in an Ovation Guitar Pickup

Owners of Ovation guitars have come to appreciate the high-quality pickups and electronics that are built into their instruments. Since most Ovation guitars use an active electronics system, they require a battery in order to run properly. It is therefore important for every owner of an Ovation guitar to learn how to properly change the pickup battery.

Press the "release" button located on the left side of the pickup.

Let go of the "release" button to allow the pick up to unlock from the guitar.


Remove the pickup from the body of the guitar. Be careful not to drop the pickup or to scratch the guitar when removing the pickup.


Turn the pickup over and slide open the battery case.


Remove and replace the old battery. Make sure that the positive and negative sides of the new battery are lined up with their counterparts in the pickup.


Replace the battery cover and slide the pickup back into place.



  • It is a good idea to keep spare batteries in your guitar case to avoid problems when performing.

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