How to Close the Trunk on a Car on "Grand Theft Auto IV" for PS3

In the "Grand Theft Auto" series from Rockstar Games, you control a criminal character through a series of missions over a city map. In "GTA 4" on the PS3, you must control Niko, an eastern European immigrant, through the game. In the "Have a Heart" mission, Niko is required to carry bodies in the trunk of his car. You must be able to quickly close the trunk if it comes loose.

Press the "Triangle" button to get out of the car.

Move around to the rear of the car, controlling your direction with the D-pad.


Press "L1" facing the trunk. Niko will close the trunk.


Drive over a bump to try to force the trunk to close. Take care where you perform this maneuver as you can end up with the bodies popping out of the trunk or lose control of the car.



  • If there are police about, then run around to the back of the car to close the trunk quicker.


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