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How Do I Get to the Killer Moth in LEGO Batman?

"Lego Batman" is a quirky, fun platform game that uses Batman characters in a Lego universe. Although designed for kids, the isn't without a few tough challenges. The enemy known as Killer Moth can be a little tricky to track down and subdue, but with a savvy player behind the cape, Batman always wins.

Tracking the Moth

When you begin the mission titled "In the Dark Night," Killer Moth escapes into a nightclub and barricades himself in. Now you have to find a way in. Destroy all of the objects around the club entrance and use the parts to construct a fan. If you haven't found the "on" switch, smash the payphone. When the fan turns on, let it blow you upward, onto the ledge. Follow the ledge around to an inoperative elevator. The parts for the crank are in the next building and you'll have to smash your way in there. Place Batman on the elevator while Robin turns the crank. At the top of the shaft, Batman will acquire his demolition suit, which will let him destroy the van.

In the ruins of the bar--if it's not already ruined, you should get on that first--you will find the parts for the damaged blue box, a grapple point and a zip line. Push the box into the slot on the floor. Grapple up to the roof, demolish the lights and build the zip line there. Drop back down to use the light parts to rebuild the dance floor. Smash the furniture on the empty dance floor and blow up the huge statue: inside is Robin's technology suit. Smash the silver box, rebuild the speakers, then light up the floor by stepping on all the lights when they're on. When the floor is lit, a robot appears that Robin can control with the nearby tech panel. Have him guide the robot through the colored wall at the back.

Your help is urgently needed outside and Robin needs the Magnet suit. Destroy everything outside to get the parts for this suit and send Robin up the magnetic strip on the wall, past the fire and toxic goo. Rebuild the pump, clear the toxic mess and bring Batman across. The shiny containers have enough parts to build another magnetic ramp for Robin, which leads to a zip line. Pull the lever to lower a ladder for Batman. Blow up the fence. Assemble the reservoir pumps--if you need more parts, aim your Batarang at the lights overhead. Both characters will need to activate the pump together, then drop down and head through a bunch of thugs to find Killer Moth up the next flight of stairs.

Defeating Killer Moth

When you've reached him, a few hits will send him flying up and out of reach. The trick is getting him back down: the turbines near you are the solution. Put on the Technology suit and locate the parts for the turbines scattered around the level. Fight the incoming henchmen and build the left turbine. Use the tech panel to spin the turbine and power a light bulb, which draws the Moth back to earth. Smack him a few more times until he retreats again. Repair the other turbine, even though when you try the tech panel, it won't work. You'll need to push a large box in the next room into place across the floor--this will activate the tech panel, allowing you to spin the turbine and take out the Killer Moth.


In addition to being able to play this level in free play mode, you can now use the Technology suit. If you manage to collect all of the canisters in the level, you can build the Clown Walker. Finding the power brick unlocks the faster pieces upgrade for purchase in the shop--you'll need 40,000 studs to buy it.

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