Homemade Rock Star Costume

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Making a rock star costume for Halloween or for a costume party is a great choice because this costume is cheap and easy to make, and you can help improvise the costume using a lot of stuff that you probably already have at home. The best way to begin to make a homemade rock star costume is to decide if your costume is going to be modeled after the style of a particular rock and roll personality or if it will just be a more random, wilder costume.

Rock Star Hair

Start with your hair. If you have long hair, consider using hairspray to make it big and puffy. If you have short hair, spiking it sky high with gel is a classic choice. A fabric headband tied across the forehead looks great on short or long hair, and you can even buy one in black leather for a more hard-core appearance. You can spray paint your hair with streaks of any color of the rainbow, or you can buy a long-haired wig and wear it, holding it in place with a headband.

Rock Star Clothes

You can improvise a great deal with clothes to come up with the best outfit for a rock star. If you have leather pants that are black or red or any bold color, those will work well. If not, shrink a pair of jeans, so they're tight, and cut holes into them at the knees and wherever else you'd like. Shrink a black or white T-shirt and then cut it up, making big holes and tears with interesting designs. You can patch some holes back together with safety pins or even duct tape. Feel free to use black or silver spray paint in wild designs or to write the name of your band anywhere on your clothing. Add a studded belt for the perfect finishing touch.


Black leather accessories and silver jewelry are perfect final additions to any costume. Wear silver necklaces, earrings, ear cuffs, rings and leather wrist cuffs. Even a studded dog collar is appropriate. Buy temporary tattoos and apply them to areas like the arms and neck, where they will be most noticeable.