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How to Tune a Guitar Like Jimi Hendrix

Tune a Guitar Like Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix had one of the most recognizable tones of any rock guitarist. His ability to sustain notes for long periods of time, and his lush warm sound, have made his tone the envy of many other guitarists. One of the secrets of Hendrix's warm tone and long sustain was the way in which he tuned his guitar.

Using the guitar tuner, tune the 6th string to the note Eb. Pluck the string to make sure it is being tuned in the right direction, then turn the tuning peg to reach the desired note.

Tune the 5th string to the note Ab.

Tune the 4th string to the note Db.

Tune the 3rd string to the note Gb.

Tune the 2nd string to the note Bb.

Tune the 1st string to the note Eb.


Double-check each string after all six have been tuned down. Sometimes, strings will move around after being tuned down; one retuning should ensure that they stay in place longer.

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