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Homemade Scream Costumes

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The classic "Scream" costume, with the black clad villain in the grotesque white, mask may be horrifying and terrifying to look at, but not to make. The simplicity of the costume works well to invoke fear, but it also translates into a moderately easy replication of the horrid character.

Constructing the Scream Costume

Most, if not all, of the pieces to make a scream-worthy "Scream" costume can likely be found in your own home, or purchased at very little expense. To start, gather several large black plastic trash bags, two white paper plates, scissors, a large rubber band, a black hooded sweatshirt and a black magic marker.

Put the black hooded sweatshirt on with the hood pulled over your head. Black pants would also be ideal, but not necessary. Cut or tear a hole in one black plastic trash bag large enough for your head to fit through and holes in the sides for your arms to fit through.

Cut 2 large triangular strips out of a second trash bag 6 inches longer than your own arms and approximately 1 foot wide. Attach the outside edges of the triangles to each other forming a sleeve for your arm to fit through. The wider end will be the side that hangs over your hands, the opposite end will attach to the rest of the costume. Attach the edges, approximately a half inch edge so the sleeves seal securely, over the holes cut for the arms to fit through. Shred the ends of the sleeves so they hang jaggedly over your wrists and hands.

Cut a long, roughly 6-inch-wide strip from the second trash bag and tie it around your waist as a belt.

Constructing the Scream Mask

From one paper plate, cut out 2 small holes where your eyes will be. The holes should be large enough so that you can see through them clearly. Draw the contorted eyes and nose of the Scream character with black marker around the eye holes. This plate will serve as the mask for the costume.

On the second plate, draw the long, thin oval of a contorted mouth. Cut out the mouth leaving a 1-inch-thick border of white paper plate. Glue the mouth piece to the the mask.

Cut small holes in the sides of the mask at your temples. Snip the circle of a large rubber band. Thread each end of the rubber band through a hole and tie. The band should be tight enough to hold the mask in place.

Final Details

Top the costume off with a few final touches. To keep with the all-black theme, wear black boots or sneakers. Add some black gloves to the ensemble. Always make sure your hood is pulled up over the mask. Add a dagger for a terrifying finishing element.

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