Easter Egg Decorations Made With Balloons & Yarn

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One classic Easter activity that many families participate in each year is decorating Easter eggs. This activity can be messy, and it's certainly not fun for those with egg and dye allergies. Thankfully, there are other ways that you can celebrate the Easter egg tradition, some of which are even more creative. For example, you can create Easter egg decorations using balloons and yarn.

Giant Balloon Easter Eggs

For this first, very simple decoration project, you will need a package of white balloons, craft glue, scissors and at least five skeins of yarn in colors of your choosing. Blow one balloon up to a large size (bigger than a soccer ball), and tie it off. The balloon will represent a giant egg. Cut five 1-foot long strands from each skein of yarn and glue them to the balloon in various patterns. You can glue the strands onto the balloon in zigzags, curls, straight lines, shapes or whatever else you can imagine. Repeat this process with as many balloon as you want to decorate. This is a safe and easy project to do with kids.

Yarn Eggs

The second project require you to have good knitting skills. You will need one or two skeins of yarn, an 2D Easter egg knitting template/diagram and knitting supplies. Use only one skein if you want to make monochromatic yarn eggs, and two or more skeins if you want to make multicolored yarn eggs. Follow the knitting pattern and knit the eggs from the yarn. If your skills are even more advanced, you can purchase Styrofoam egg shapes and cover them with your knit yarn coverings.

Balloon Baskets

The third decoration idea makes use of those long balloons that clowns work with to create balloon animals. Working with these balloons can be somewhat tricky, so you may want to purchase several packages to allow for mistakes. Blow several of the long balloons up and weave them into a simple, round basket. Begin by blowing up one balloon and twisting its ends into a circle. Then, take two more balloons and tie each end of the balloons to the circle. The balloons should run perpendicular (at right angles) to each other. Lastly, make a handle for the basket by attaching one more balloon in an arch across the top of the basket. Fill the balloon basket with baseball-sized, colorful balloons.

Yarn Egg Basket

The last idea is incredibly simple. You need a large straw basket, a large skein of green yarn, scissors and a package of small, assorted-colored balloons. Unravel the green yarn into the large basket so that it appears like a mound of Easter grass. Blow up several of the balloons and place them into the basket.