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Directions for Pixos

Pixos are Spin Master's product replacement for Aqua Dots. Rather than continuing to sell a new product that met the government's more stringent safety requirements for toys marketed to kids, Spin Master made the choice to give the new product a completely different name. Pixos allow your child to create small pieces of art without the mess of paints, markers and glue.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pixos Set
  • Water

Select a Pixos template and place it under the tray so you can see the image through the grid. If you want to do a freestyle design, you do not need to put a template under the tray. When you select a template, verify that the color on the template corresponds to the color of the tray you are using. Different trays allow you to arrange the Pixos in different patterns.

Load the desired color of Pixos into the top of the Pixos applicator pen. The pen is designed to dispense one Pixo at a time to the exact spot desired on the tray.

Depress the button on the top of the Pixos pen to dispense Pixos onto the tray. Repeat for each space of the color you are currently using.

Remove the top of the Pixos pen to dump any remaining Pixos into the tray when you are completed with the current color. Fill the pen with the next color. Repeat these steps for each additional color you wish to add to your design.

Spray the Pixos tray with water once you have completed your design. The Pixos set comes with a refillable water sprayer.

Wait 10 minutes before removing your Pixos creation from the tray. This will allow the Pixos time to absorb the water and stick together.


Place a towel under the Pixos tray to keep stray Pixos from rolling off the table.


  • Do not attempt to vacuum Pixos that have fallen on the floor. The heat of the vacuum will cause the Pixos to melt and stick together in the vacuum hose.
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