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Creepy Crawler Bug Maker Instructions

The Creepy Crawler kit is a way for kids to be creative.
toys image by jedphoto from Fotolia.com

We all have our favorite nostalgic toys. From the Easy Bake Oven to Barbie to G.I. Joe, each of these toys has been around for generations. The Creepy Crawler kit came out in the 1960s and has had several reincarnations ever since. The toy allows kids to be creative in making their own bugs. Using “goop” and an oven, kids can cook their own masterpieces. Each version of the toy has the same basic instructions.

Place the oven part of the Creepy Crawler machine on a flat surface and plug it in. It needs at least 10 minutes to warm up.

Fill he cooling tray with water and set it aside.

Take the red sealer cap off the plastic goop. Insert the toothpick into the nozzle end of the goop to break the seal. Do this for every plastic goop color you want to use. Put the cap back on when you're done so the goop doesn't dry out.

Choose the mold you want to use and insert the handle into it, then set the mold on a flat surface.

Take your chosen colors and drip the goop into the center of each mold you want to create. The goop will dispense throughout the mold.

Lift the mold by the handle and place into the oven.

Take the mold out of the oven with the handle once the colors of the goop have changed colors. These colors will darken, except for black. Don’t overcook, as this won’t give your Creepy Crawlers the right consistency.

Place the mold into the cooling tray for at least a minute, or until it’s cool to the touch.

Use the prying tool to gently pull each Creepy Crawler from its mold.

Things You'll Need:

  • Creepy Crawler kit
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Toothpick


Use more than one color when creating your Creepy Crawlers. Put as many colors in the mold as you want--but don’t mix thm, because when they bake it will come out with a streaked look.

Put one color in the mold of the Creepy Crawler, then bake and cool. Then put another color in the Creepy Crawler and repeat the process. This will give a layered effect to your Crawler.


  • Be sure to dry the mold completely before using again. If the mold is not completely dry, the Creepy Crawlers might have bubbles form in them. Don’t overfill the molds as this may cause the molds to overflow into your oven. Always use the handle that’s provided with the Creepy Crawler machine. This activity may require parental supervision.
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