Demeter Costume Ideas

The ancient Greek goddess Demeter was associated with grain and fertility. She is one of the major Olympian deities and is found in many myths. The story of Demeter and her daughter Persephone, who was kidnapped by Hades, is the most well-known of these myths and acts to explain the changing of the seasons. A Demeter costume should incorporate aspects of her appearance, personality, and symbols of power.

Golden Hair

Homer described Demeter as blond, which is in keeping with her position as a goddess of grain. Grain was very important to the ancient Greeks, and Demeter’s hair reflected that color. If you have blond hair, you can style your hair in Greek-goddess fashion with curls and hairpins, or braids that wrap around your head. Additionally, blond Greek goddess wigs are available in costume shops.

Regal Bearing

Artists often portray Demeter wearing a crown, and this is an excellent addition to any Demeter costume. Look for a low crown without points, or make one yourself based on artistic images of Demeter. Choose a crown of gold rather than silver. Add accessories to match the crown and increase the appearance of divine beauty and regal authority. If you are looking for a different option, create a crown of flowers and sheaves of wheat, which is another popular rendering of Demeter’s regal manner.


As a goddess of agriculture and fertility, Demeter is known as a mother. She is often depicted in art with her daughter, Persephone. Like the goddess Hera, Demeter is shown as being fuller-bodied than maiden goddesses like Artemis and Athena. A Demeter costume should aim to show a more motherly appeal. Whether you purchase a white Greek Goddess costume or create your own, try to achieve a maternal look over a seductive one. One of Demeter’s major symbols was the torch she carried to the Underworld on her search for Persephone, and this can easily be incorporated into your costume. Additionally, if you have a daughter and want to coordinate costumes, consider a Demeter and Persephone pairing.

Agricultural Symbols

Demeter was called the “Goddess of the Harvest” and the “Goddess of the Fields.” Most of her symbols of power were connected to that role. For your Demeter costume, choose fresh flowers, fruits, ears of corn, and sheaves of wheat, and carry them in a woven basket or cornucopia.