Children's Games for a Fall Festival

LWA/Sharie Kennedy/Blend Images/Getty Images

Many children look forward to fall festivals, games and prizes. Whether you are planning a neighborhood festival, a Halloween trick-or-treat festival or a company festival for employees' families, you want to create one in which everyone feels comfortable and has a good time. To make your next fall festival a hit, plan to have a variety of games that are appropriate for all age levels.

Candy Hunt

Hide candy before your guests arrive. Use an area that is open such as the backyard. Supply bags for the players to collect their candy. This game is a good way to start the festival and get the children moving and active to see who can get the most candy.

Pumpkin Bowling

This game puts a twist on traditional bowling. You will need bowling pins as well as small pumpkins. Arrange the bowling pins, and let the players try to knock them over with small pumpkins. Have some extra pumpkins on hand in case some break and are damaged.

Soccer Kick

For fun and exercise, get the guests moving by giving each player a turn to kick the soccer ball into the goal. You can make the goal out of a piece of plywood, by cutting a hole in the center of it large enough for the ball to fit. Allow each player three tries to make the goal. A prize will be awarded to each player who is successful at making one goal.

Rolling Pumpkin Relay

Divide the players into two teams, and have them form two lines. The first player will pass the pumpkin over his head to the next player, and the next player will pass it between his legs to the next player. The players will continue to pass the pumpkin in this order until it reaches the last person. When the last player gets the pumpkin he will run to the beginning of the line and continue passing the pumpkin. The winning team is the first team that has the same player at the beginning of the line as it did when the game started.