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Pretty Pretty Princess Game Rules

Pretty Pretty Princess can be played by people of all ages. It is a great activity for families, and it encourages children to use their imagination.

Putting the Game Together

Remove the jewel stickers from the sticker sheets and press them on the jewelry box and crowns. Make sure you match the shapes on the crowns and the jewelry box to the stickers. The green diamond jewels are only for the crowns. Remove the plastic film from the mirror. Unwrap all of the jewelry and place them in the jewelry box.


Open the jewelry box and place it in the center of the game board, and place the crown around it. Place the lid, spinner side up, near the jewelry box. Now you can choose the color of jewelry you want to use for the game. The colors are green, purple, blue and pink. Sit facing the color you chose on the game board. Put your matching pawn on any space on the game path. Do not put it on the corner of the game board.

Who Goes First?

Everyone who is playing spins the spinner. The player who spins the highest number goes first, and the play continues clockwise.

Game Play

Spin the spinner and move your piece the number of spaces the spinner lands on. The space you land on will have a direction for you to follow. If you land on a space and already have that piece of jewelry, your turn is over. If you land on a space with the earrings, you may only take one earring at a time. That is the end of the turn, and the play goes to the next person. You can also share spaces with other people.

Spaces on the Game Board

The spaces on the game board mean different things when you land on them. Crown: Take the crown from the jewelry box or from the player who has it on. Black ring: If you land on the black ring, take the black ring from the jewelry box or from the player who has it on. You must wear the black ring until someone has to take it or you get rid of it. If you have this at the end of the game, you lose the game. Take any piece: Take any piece of jewelry of the color that you chose from the player who has it on or the jewelry box. You can take the crown from the jewelry box as well. Put one back: You must put back any piece of your jewelry or the crown to the jewelry box. If you have the black ring, you must return that to the jewelry box first. If there is nothing for you to return, your turn is over.


To win the game, you must collect a complete set of the jewelry in your color. You must also have the crown and not the black ring. If you have all of that, you win. Once you have all your jewelry and crown on, turn the spinner over and look into the mirror and say, "I'm a Pretty Pretty Princess!"

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