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Beach Party Games for Adults

Enjoy your beach party by playing some adult party games.
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When the summer heat rolls in, you want to cool down and take some time to relax. You want to truly enjoy yourself, invite some friends to head to the beach or even your backyard for a beach-themed party. Aside from the food, conversation and ambiance, make sure you have plenty of adult party games to keep your guests entertained.

Musical Beach Towels

Musical beach towels
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Give your adult party guests a chance to dance around like children by playing this game. Begin by placing a line of towels on the sand, enough so you have enough for every player minus one. Have the players surround the beach towels and turn on some surfer music. The partiers then dance around the beach towels, one in front of the other. At a random moment, turn the music off. The players all have to hop on to one of the beach towels to stay in the game. Any player left out gets eliminated. After every round, take away a beach towel. Continue for several rounds until only one player remains, winning the game.

Surfing the Waves

Surfing the Waves
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This game involves a beach version of the mechanical bull. Assemble your group on the sand, in the pool or even in the ocean. Pick one player to stand on top of a surfboard. Have the rest of the players place their hands beneath it. When you say "Go," the players begin to shake the board in order to topple the person standing on it into the ocean, soft sand or pool. Time every player that attempts this. After everyone has gone, award the player who had the best time. For more of a challenge, have stronger adult players hold the surfboard up and shake it while standing.

Beach Ball Relay

Beach Ball Relay
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Begin this game by setting up a starting point and a finish line around the party area. Divide the players into two teams and have both teams stand a few feet apart behind the starting point. Hand the first players of both teams a beach ball and have them place the ball between their legs. When you say "Go," the first players race to the finish line at the opposite side of the play area, and then race back to their teams. If a player drops the beach ball, he has to start over from the beginning. The game ends when one team—the winning team—finishes the race before its opponents.

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