Funny Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

A couple wearing silly hats take selfie.
Kanashkin/iStock/Getty Images

If you're looking for a way to entertain your children that sparks their creativity and doesn't involve video games, consider a photo scavenger hunt. In addition to creating an interest in photography as a hobby, a photo scavenger hunt can keep children of all ages entertained for hours. In a photo scavenger hunt, participants have to take pictures of all of the items or scenes on the list. The list can contain items ranging from ordinary to odd.

Group Member Juggling With Audience

Student Ministry suggests a picture of one of your group members juggling with an audience of at least five people. This option can be entertaining as you try to convince people to become audience members. In addition, one of your group members may discover a previously unknown talent. This is a good choice because the photo can be set up inside or outside.

Entire Group in a Kiddie Pool

During photo scavenger hunts, shots in which your entire team is featured in the frame can be particularly entertaining. This requires recruiting an outside participant, which can be difficult, depending on the location or task. The Great Scavenger Hunt recommends including a picture of all group members in a kiddie pool as one of your list items. Depending on the size of your group, this may be quite a challenge.

Family of Animals

Photo scavenger hunts don't have to be restricted to people. Consider adding a picture of a family of animals to the scavenger hunt list. In addition to being cute, this challenge opens the door to group members' creativity, as it can be any family of animals, from ducklings to deer. This photo opportunity may even create a memorable scene that you'll want to develop and show off.

Human Pyramid of at Least Seven People

A suggestions from Ice Breakers is a human pyramid of at least seven people. The human pyramid is a challenging photo opportunity because it requires a large group of people, so you may have to recruit outside help. In addition, the task requires coordination and may involve a lot of trial and error, not to mention entertainment.

Something Beginning With a Specific Letter

Keeping some photo challenges open-ended can add creativity and variety to your photo scavenger hunt. One way to do this is by adding items such as taking a picture of something beginning with a specific letter. The more obscure the letter--Z or Q, for example--the more difficult but entertaining the challenge may be.