Wind Chimes for Craft Projects

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Wind chimes come in a variety of materials and sizes. One of the best parts of making your own wind chimes is that they are easy and inexpensive. You can make your own creative wind chimes with items you have lying around the house, so that each set suits your personality.

Beaded Wind Chime

A colorful, inexpensive wind chime can be made using beads. Start by cutting the rim off of a paper cup and punching four holes into the cup at the compass points. The outside of the cup can be decorated using acrylic paint, sequins and glitter to catch the sunlight at the same time as the wind. Four-foot long strings should be strung with beads, drinking straws and bells at the end. The beaded strings should then be attached to the cup. To make the hanging loop and pendulum, use a pipecleaner with a loop on the end. Tie a fifth string through the loop and hang a metal washer from the string. Thread the pipecleaner through the center of the cup and create another loop on the other end to hang your wind chime.

Silverware Windchime

You can also make an inexpensive wind chime using old silverware. Using a power drill, cut holes in the handle of four spoons and one fork, and file off the sharp edges. Drill a hole in the center of a fork, just over the tines. Bend the tines of the fork at ninety degree angles in the cardinal directions, then twist the tips of the tines into hooks. The handle of the fork should be bent into a hook to hang the chime. Use fishing wire to attach the spoons to the bent tines of the fork. Fishing wire should also be used to string the unbent fork to the hole over the base fork's tines.

Sea Shell Windchime

You can also create a wind chime using sea shells. Drill small holes into a variety of colorful sea shells. Sea shells can be strung up using sea shells and crimping beads. A flexible plastic lid, such as one for butter tubs, should be used to string up the sea shells. Cut eight equally spaced holes onto the lid. The strings wth the sea shells can be tied through the holes in the lid. Two more holes should be placed on either end of the lid. A long piece of yarn should be strung through the holes and tied underneath the lid to form a loop that hangs the chime.

Ladybug Wind Chime

A clay pot can be used to make a wind chime. Color the clay pot to look like a ladybug using acrylic paint. Cut out small shapes from a metal sheet and paint them black. Small holes are drilled into the tops of the metal shapes to be hung from the clay pot. Twine is strung through the holes in the metal. Glue the twine to the top of the clay pot. Tie another piece of twine into a button larger than the hole in the clay pot. The twine should be strung through the hole until the button catches, and another button is added to sandwich the pot in place. Knot the twine into a loop to hang the chime.


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