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How to Win at Pull Tabs

Lottery tickets are a fun way to turn a small amount of expendable income into a larger windfall, as long as you play responsibly. While scratch-off lottery tickets contain a variety of rules and ways of playing, pull tab lotto tickets offer a simpler design for players, with every game following the same core rules. Pull tab games are quick to play, and commonly available for small prices, with some tickets costing less than a dollar.

Select the pull tab game of your choosing. While the themes and payoffs of the games change, the rules remain the same.

Remove the perforated sections covering your symbols.

Compare the symbols with each other to look for three matching symbols.

Find the corresponding symbol on your card if all three match to find out your winning amount.

Return the card to any lotto retailer for small claims, or follow instructions on the ticket to make large claims. The limit for in-store cash receipt of winnings is listed on the back of the ticket.


  • All state-run lotteries feature a substantial profit margin for the state. Never buy lottery tickets as anything other than a recreational activity, and never spend money you can't afford to lose on a lotto ticket.
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