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How to Play the Life of Luxury Slot Game Online

There are many gaming websites offering online slots. Internet gamers seeking a particular slot game called "Life of Luxury" want the benefit of free bonus spins, unlimited re-trigger possibilities that give gamers the chance of multiple spins off of one small bet. "Life of Luxury" is a game created and licensed to various sites from WMS, a slot gaming creator company serving brick-and-mortar casinos and online communities. There are two versions of the game, a classic version and an upgraded version, "Best Things in Life."

Find an online gaming community that offers "Life of Luxury" slot machines. Third party websites such as slotfinder.org or Jamespot.com offer a list of websites offering the game.

Register with the website. Provide the required personal information and agree to the terms and conditions of the website. Download the game following the instructions provided by the website.

Deposit cash or choose to play with pretend dollars. Many websites will give you a sign-up bonus of real dollars when you make a cash deposit or you can practice with "free play" accounts that allow you to practice your gaming skills while using pretend dollars.

Seek combinations that include three or more coins or diamonds to get bonuses. Diamonds will only appear on the center line and can substitute any other symbol on the screen to serve as a wildcard symbol and increase winning opportunities.

Hit scattered coins in free spin rotations to obtain more free games and additional payouts. Scattered coins can be anywhere on the screen. Diamonds increase the payout multiplier for each diamond appearing on the screen.


"Life of Luxury" is a progressive slot with a five-level, multi-win matrix.

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