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How to Watch NFL Network Games on a PS3

If you want to watch an NFL Network football game but don't have cable television, you aren't out of luck as long as you have a PlayStation 3 that's connected to the Internet. Using your PS3 and PlayStation Network online account, you can catch up on any NFL game you want to watch.

Turn on the PlayStation 3.

Choose the "Network" menu option.

Select "Internet Browser."

Press the "Start" button on your PlayStation 3 controller. This brings up a virtual keyboard allowing you to enter an address in the console's Web address bar. Enter "http://www.nfl.com/live" in the address bar. Press "Start" again to load the page.

Select "Yes" when prompted to "Install Missing Plug-in" (if applicable). This allows you to view the streaming content on the page you have loaded. The NFL.com/live page allows you to watch NFL Network games as they are broadcast on the Web. Because the browser is on your PS3, and the PS3 is connected to your TV, the games are displayed on the TV.

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