What Is the Job Description of a Movie Producer?

Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Simon Davison

A movie or film producer typically has supervisory and financial control over the film that he helps to fund. It is a producer’s job to help raise money to fund the making of a movie, and to see that funding is well spent throughout the film’s production.


A movie producer may work independently, seeking scripts, books, or plays that are fit for film. She looks for projects that could potentially be profitable in box-office and home-video sales. A producer may alternately be hired by a film studio.


Many producers use personal income to fund a film. Others may enlist the help of outside investors to help fund the movie, usually with the promise of some return on their investment.

Directorial Responsibilities

A movie producer is often responsible for hiring a film’s director, who is in charge of overseeing the day-to-day artistic aspects of a film. A producer ensures that the director stays within the film’s schedule and budget. A film’s producer may opt to direct a movie he is funding.


Movie producers work with directors to hire the rest of a film’s staff. They may also collaborate to decide on actors. The types of staff and its size usually varies from film to film, depending on budgetary limits and production needs.


Depending on the project, a producer may have daily, on-set interaction with the film and its staff. Other movie producers may have little or no contact with the productions they are funding.


The annual salary of a movie producer varies drastically depending on experience, the amount of work she maintains and the success of a film. Depending on experience, a movie producer may make anywhere from roughly $30,000 to a few hundred thousand dollars each year.