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How to Find Actors in Commercials

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The commercial industry is a multi-million dollar business. All major brands spend countless amounts on their media campaigns. Many of these commercials leave a lasting impression on the consumer, in part due to the talents of the hired actors. With no opening or closing credits, one would think it is impossible to find the name of a particular commercial actor. Here is how to find actor names from commercials.

Identify Commercial

Watch or record the commercial in which you are interested. Most current commercials can be viewed on archive sites online. Identify the product and type of brand. For example, if it is a Burger King commercial, the product is Burger King and type of brand is food.

Continuing with the food commercial example--write out the details of the plotline. Determine if the actor is a lead or co-star in the commercial.

Focus on what the talent is doing in the commercial--eating at a table? Driving up to a drive-through? Describe on paper what the talent looks like--include body type, hair length and age range.

Pursue Production Company and Talent

All brands hire an ad agency to produce their commercials. Ad agencies will have in-house talent or will hire a production company to execute the casting and filming of the commercial. Production companies will have the contact information, e.g. an actor’s agent, on file.

Most online commercial archive sites have detailed information on the commercial, including brand, ad agency and production company. Find the production company’s contact information, usually on its official website, and request the talent’s agent information.

If you are a production company seeking to hire the talent, the agent will ask for all pertinent information about your project.

Email or mail, on your production company's letterhead, information regarding your project to the agent.

Request for either a meeting or an audition with the actor at his earliest convenience.


All major brands only work with union talent agencies: SAG or AFTRA. Your production company must have contracts with either union if you want the talent's agent to take your project seriously. Until then, no personal information on the actor will be disclosed or a meeting/audition planned.

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