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What Is a Film Production Supervisor?

Production Supervisors ensure the final film reel arrives to theatres
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A Film Production Supervisor is one of several Producer roles on film projects, commonly referred to as a Post-Production Supervisor because their primary responsibility is overseeing the post-production aspect of the film after shooting (production) is complete. The Film Production Supervisor is around during production and the coordinating influence in the post-production stage to ensure that the film is completed on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of all key personnel.

On the Set

The Production Supervisor communicates and mediates between many people on the film set and in the executive offices. This includes the Director, Producers, studio executives, assistant directors and script supervisor in charge of continuity.

Post Production

Production Supervisors are directly in charge of the Editor and all post-production coordinators when the time for their main responsibility comes. Depending on the film their supervising post-production duties could include editing, sound editing, composing the films score and music and computer graphics (CGI.) Most productions require some amount of ADR voiceover to increase the quality of the films sound and may require reshoots as the Director and Editor work on the final cut.

Studio Concerns

Supervisors interact with the studio`s executives and legal department about any relevant concerns with the film as it takes its final shape.


Production Supervisors work with the domestic and international distributors to meet the terms of the (usually) prearranged delivery requirements, including ensuring the films get delivered.


They may also be in charge of setting up preview or test screenings of the film and correlating these efforts with the studio or independent marketing teams.

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