What Crafts to Use When Teaching a Lesson on Baptism

Arts and crafts projects can help teach children about baptism.
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In many sects of the Christian faith, being baptized is a symbol of an individual’s commitment to Christ. When teaching children and young believers about baptism, craft projects and visual displays can be helpful tools for fostering understanding about the process. These projects work especially well in Sunday School classrooms when introducing and reinforcing the symbols of baptism and what it means to the Christian religion.

Baptism Puppets

A puppet show is especially helpful for teaching small children about the history and significance of baptism. For this craft project, make puppets out of felt to resemble important biblical characters. For example, John the Baptist baptized Jesus, so these could be two central characters in your puppet show. To make felt puppets, form a piece of felt into a cone shape and glue along the edge. Hot glue a Styrofoam ball to the top of the puppet for the head, then decorate with more felt, paint and paper.

"Christian Uniform"

Some have described baptism as wearing a “Christian uniform” to mark yourself as a Christian to the outside world. For this craft project, children can cut pictures out of magazines or draw figures wearing uniforms such as policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses or postal workers. These clippings can then be used to make a collage or a small scrapbook.

"Born Again" Craft

Some compare baptism to being born again because the process represents the death and resurrection of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for his followers. For this craft project, staple a paper folder shut along the two smaller sides, leaving the side across from the fold open. On one side of the folder, draw or paste a picture of Jesus on the cross. On the opposite side, draw or paste a picture of a person being baptized. On one side of a sheet of construction paper, draw Jesus in heaven. On the opposite side, place a picture of a person in heaven. Add a small tab to the right side of the paper. Slide the paper into the folder and slide out to demonstrate the death and rebirth of baptism.


Bookmarks are easy crafts to make and can be used as placeholders for readings in the Bible. For this craft project, cut a thick piece of cardstock to about 1 ½-inch wide and 5 inches long. On the bookmark, write a passage from the bible that relates to baptism. For example, Mark 16: 16, Acts 2:38, Acts 19: 4 or Psalms 51:2. Decorate with markers, crayon, paint, paper or stickers. Thread the top with a piece of ribbon or yarn.