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Children's Crafts for Bible Class on Jesus' Betrayal

A variety of items can be used in crafts.
craft a card! image by Shirley Hirst from Fotolia.com

Jesus’ betrayal can be shown in many different ways in craft projects. The betrayal began with the payment of the pieces of silver and ended with Jesus being hung on the cross. The disciples and Mary and Joseph are the most popular figures that can be drawn or depicted in art projects. Students in Bible classes can all be working on the same project or each one may choose the craft he prefers to create.

Yarn and Nail Jewelry

Nothing could be more representative of Jesus’ betrayal than a cross made with two nails to represent the cross and a length of red yarn to represent Jesus’ blood. One nail is laid horizontally on the top half of a vertical nail and they are wrapped in a crisscross fashion in the center with the yarn. A piece of yarn or other cord is attached through the wrapped yarn on the back to create the necklace. A brooch can also be created by gluing a jewelry pin back to the back of a finished cross.

Jesus' Last Days Wreaths

Circles of flat craft foam or construction paper can be used to make wreaths that depict the life of Jesus from the betrayal to the crucifixion and arising. Pictures cut from magazines, coloring books, greeting cards and older Sunday school leaflets can be glued onto the circles in chronological order. Jesus on the cross should be the key point, either at the top or the bottom center of the wreath.

Plaster Inlay Plaques

Inlay carvings are made by pouring a 1 to 1 1/2 inch thickness of plaster into a plastic-lined small size box. Once the plaster has set, about 4 hours, a coloring book picture depicting Jesus' betrayal is placed on top of the plaster block. The lines of the picture are traced by pressing hard on the paper with a pencil so that the imprint shows on the top of the plaster. Once the plaque has dried, the lines on the plaster are then traced with black ink or a thin line of black craft paint. The outer edges of the plaque can be smoothed with sand paper or made rough to create an ancient look.

Fabric Collage Pictures

Burlap or denim, cut into 8 by 10 inch rectangles, is an excellent base for creating collage pictures. Any scene that depicts some part of Jesus’ betrayal can be cut out of scrap fabrics using coloring book pages as the pattern for cutting. A cross with Mary kneeling below it and some of the mourners makes a complete picture. The pieces of silver can be cut from gray felt, fabric or even circles of aluminum foil. A thin dowel rod with a length of yarn attached can be glued to the back of the picture at the top for hanging.

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