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Tin Foil Hershey's Kiss Crafts

The Hershey's Kiss was named after the kissing sound that its machines made.
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Hershey's Kiss, an American icon in the candy world, turned 104 in 2011. According to the "South Florida Sun-Sentinel," the classic silver-foiled, milk chocolate confection was the only Kiss until 1990 when an almond flavor was introduced. Today different varieties come in different colored foil. Use the classic Hershey's Kiss in the silver foil as the basis of a tin foil Hershey's Kiss craft.

Name Writing

Teach children how to write their names with a tin foil Hershey's Kiss craft. Cut out a 3-inch strip from a regular sheet of white paper. Instruct your child to write his name with pencil across the strip, which will become the paper that sticks out of a Hershey's Kiss. Cut out a soft triangle shape from another piece of white paper so it looks like a kiss. Have the child glue the strip to the top of the triangle. Then, ask the child to cover the triangle with aluminum foil so it looks like a Hershey's Kiss.

Bulletin Board

Celebrate Valentine's Day in your classroom with an aluminum foil Hershey's Kiss craft. Cut out Kisses from heavy paper and then cover them with foil. Use tape to secure the foil in place. Student should write Valentine's messages to strips of paper or streamers and then attach the written streamers or strips of paper to the tops of each Kiss. Cover the bulletin board with red or pink paper and staple the kisses to the board.


Glue silver foil from Hershey's Kisses onto a plain wooden picture frame. Insert a photograph into the frame first. Hot glue or use craft glue to secure the foils onto the wood for this craft. Cover the entire frame with the foil. Once it dries, hot glue real Hershey's Kissable chocolate candies onto the foil. These are the chocolates that come in a variety of colors. Use the frame as a gift but do not eat the candies.

Giant Kiss

Craft a giant Kiss with polystyrene. Start with a polystyrene block approximately 6 inches tall. Carve the sides with a sharp knife to form its shape. It should be narrow toward the top, similar to a pyramid shape. Round out the edges of the bottom sides. Turn the Kiss around often to be sure it is even. Place the kiss on top of foil approximately 12-by-12-inches. Wrap the entire kiss with aluminum foil. Cut a strip of white tissue paper that is 1-by-6-inches long and stick it into the top.

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