How to Make a Carriage From Cardboard

lifelike doll in snowsuit image by Pix by Marti from

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard shoebox
  • Scissors
  • Razor blade
  • Contact paper
  • Cereal box
  • Black or brown paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper fasteners

Many children enjoy playing mother or father with baby dolls. Children use baby doll accessories, such as cribs, high chairs and carriages, to act out realistic parenthood adventures. Instead of purchasing a play carriage, build a cardboard carriage with your child. Save money by using household cardboard materials.

Choose a cardboard shoebox that fits your child's baby doll. For cardboard boxes with an attached lid, cut off the lid using sharp scissors or a razor blade.

Cover the outside of the box with decorative contact paper.

Cut out four circles from one side of a cereal box, ensuring that circle diameter is less than half the length of the shoe box. Paint the blank side of each wheel in black or brown to resemble wheels.

Push a paper fastener through the center of each wheel. Place the shoebox flat on one side lengthwise. Line up two wheels on top of the carriage making sure the wheels do not overlap. Push each wheel's paper fastener through the contact paper and shoe box side. Open the two ends of each paper fastener to secure it into place. Repeat for the second side of the shoebox.

Cut the second side of the cereal box in half lengthwise. Use one half to create the carriage's canopy. Cover both sides of one half in contact paper to match the carriage body. Place the canopy inside the carriage so that it forms an upside down "U" shape. Push a paper fastener through the center at the edge of canopy on one side. Continue pushing the fastener through the shoebox and contact paper covering. Open the fastener and secure the canopy into place. Repeat for the canopy's other side.

Cut a thin strip out of the remaining cereal box to use as the carriage's handle bar. Paint the handle bar brown or black. Place the handle bar inside the front of the carriage. Place a paper fastener through the end of each side and then through the shoe box and contact paper covering. Open the fasteners and secure into place.


  • You may use a tissue box instead of a shoe box by cutting off the top of the box using a razor blade. For very large dolls, use a cardboard vegetable box. If you child owns many dolls, create several cardboard carriages to match the various doll sizes. Choose contact paper to your child's liking. Use blue contact paper for a boy baby doll and pink contact paper for a girl doll.


  • This project requires adult supervision and participation as scissors and razor blades are used.