Wedding Decorations With Tulle & Lights

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Tulle, a sheer netting, is an iconic fabric when it comes to creating wedding gowns and decorating the venues for weddings and receptions. Tulle comes in a variety of colors and can be combined with decorative elements that connect it to your venue and wedding theme. Use tulle in combination with different lighting options to create the romantic wedding lighting you desire.

Hotel Banquet Room

If your hotel venue has harsh overhead lighting, cover or drape the light source with tulle to soften it and create a more romantic atmosphere. Adorn the standard-issue banquet chairs by using tulle to create a bow on the back of each chair. Use tulle in the color palette you’ve chosen for your wedding and alternate colors on every other chair. If you have access to yards of tulle, drape it from one corner of the room to the other and hang lightweight paper lanterns from the tulle, replacing the hotel room’s lighting with a more festive light source. Stand-alone candelabras strategically placed around the room also can provide romantic mood lighting. Adorn these with tulle that matches your wedding colors.

Rustic Country Wedding

Tulle, a light and airy fabric, may not seem appropriate for a wedding in a barn or country inn. However, you can use tulle in unusual ways. Tie strips of tulle between the ceiling beams of a barn, dangling homemade lanterns made from jars or tin cans from these tulle “ropes.” Or use actual rope, twisted together with tulle, to create swags that you can drape along the edges of each table. Cover bales of hay with large pieces of tulle fabric, creating seating areas for your wedding guests. Create a feature wall that also provides lighting by covering a rustic barn wall with tulle, then attaching metal candle sconces on top of the tulle.

An At-Home Wedding

If you're getting married in your own or a family member's backyard, consider using tulle and lights as adornments for the trees and bushes dotting your wedding site. For an evening wedding, entwine tulle with twinkle lights and swag them from tree to tree. If you’re planning to light with candles inside hanging lanterns, tie tulle bows to the bottom of the lanterns. For an indoor at-home wedding, create a festive entryway to your home by wrapping front porch columns with tulle and greenery, or swag the tulle so it drapes over and hangs on either side of the doorway, anchoring it at the top corners with a small bouquet of flowers. For a special bridal entrance via your home’s stairway, wrap the banister in tulle and twinkle lights.

A Seaside Wedding

Though you might consider the fantastic ocean view to be the focal point of your seaside wedding, help guests focus on the ceremony by setting up a canopy draped in tulle, beneath which you will exchange your vows. Use bamboo poles to create the four corners of your canopy, swathing the top with a large piece of tulle fabric. Allow for enough fabric to tie off and drape down from each corner of the canopy. If you’re planning to use tiki torches to light the wedding area, tie bows of tulle onto each one, incorporating the torches into your wedding ambiance. Since the small holes in tulle fabric resemble a net, use tulle and shells to create net-inspired centerpieces alongside kerosene-fueled hurricane lanterns.