Uses for 3M Command Strips

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3M Command Strips is a product that allows you to organize items and hang items on the wall. The adhesive backings sticks to a variety of plastic hardware that comes with the package. The adhesive is stretchable and allows you to remove the entire assembly by pulling it in a downward motion. Some examples of 3M Command Strip uses include the hanging of decorations, pictures and mirrors.


Hang decorations with the Decorating Clips and Command Strips product. This product allows you to hang beads, lights, florals, birthday banners and more. You can use your creativity to place the product and hang the decorations wherever you want them. This product has 40 clips and 48 adhesive strips in the package.


Choose the area to hang your pictures that you want to display. There are many products in the Command Strips line that can help you hang your pictures. There is a product for small pictures, large pictures and abnormal picture frames. Some of the Command Strips products that can help you with your pictures include the Picture Hanging Value Pk Small & Medium, Wire Backed Picture Hangers, Command Picture & Mirror Hanging Strips Small and the Sawtooth Picture Hanger with Command Strips.


The Command Strips product can also help you hang your mirrors on traditional and non-traditional places such as concrete, rock, glass, and stucco. The Command Strips product is versatile and helps you hang your mirror without the use of a hammer, nails or other tools. Some of the products in the Command Strip line that can help you hang your mirrors include the Picture & Mirror Hanging Strips Medium, Command Picture & Mirror Hanging Strips Small and the Command Picture & Mirror Hanging Strips Large.

Hanging Items

Hang your robe, car keys, clothes, jackets or holiday decorations around your home with the Command Strips. Command manufactures a variety of hooks to help you with hanging these items securely. Some of the products that help you with these hanging projects include the Medium Hook Chrome Color With 3M Command Strips, Large Bathroom / Shower Hook with 3M Command Strips, Jumbo Hook With Command Large Adhesive Strips, Extra Large Bathroom / Shower Hook With Command Water Resist Strips and the Large Bright Chrome Metal Hook & Command Adhesive Strips.

Hanging Lights Outside

The Command Strips products can also help you hang lights outside. These products are water resistant and allow you to keep the lights up all year. The Command products that can help you with this include the Decorating Clips With Command Water-Resistant Strips, Outdoor Christmas Decoration Assortment With Command Water-Resistant Strips, Mini Hooks With Command Water-Resistant Strips and the Large Green Hook With Command Water-Resistant Strips.