How to Scrapbook Greeting Cards

Valentine Candle with a greeting-card - close-up image by Werg from

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Photo glue

Greeting cards are special reminders of holidays and events. Rather than placing all of your old greeting cards in a box in the attic, display them in a decorative way in your scrapbooks so that you can look back on those memories whenever you want to, without digging through boxes to do it. You can scrapbook your cards so that they are completely intact or cut-out the the artwork to enhance a holiday page.

Greeting Card Cut-Outs

Cut out images or handwritten messages from the cards that you want to preserve.

Apply photo glue to the backs of the cut-outs and press them onto a scrapbook page.

Place the cut-outs around and near photos from the holiday or event displayed on the page or make a collage of all of the images from your cards.

Complete Greeting Cards

Remove your greeting cards from their envelopes.

Write the occasion for each card on the closure flap of the envelope, along with the year and the name of the person who gave you the card. If you didn't keep the envelopes, you can purchase replacements at card shops and craft supply stores.

Apply photo glue to the front side of each envelope and press the envelopes to scrapbook pages, flap-side up. Allow the glue to dry.

Slide your cards into the envelopes and use scrapbook stickers and embellishments to decorate the pages and the outsides of the envelopes.

Place photos of the events or holidays on the pages with your cards. The envelopes will protect your cards and allow you to display them in your scrapbook without glue or tape directly on them.