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Ideas for Crafts With Acetate

Acetates are clear, transparent sheets used with overhead projectors. By preparing text and images on a computer program, then printing onto the sheets, the images are projected onto large screens. Acetates also lend themselves to many craft techniques. Print images you download from the internet onto acetates and use them in many craft projects. The sheets are easily embossed, are flexible and can be scored and cut easily with scissors. They are available at most office supply and some craft stores. Make a variety of crafts by applying different techniques to acetates.

Stained Glass

Use your favorite stamps to create stained glass effects. Stamp the image with a pigment pad onto the acetate sheet and color with pigment pens. Then use embossing powders and an heat tool to set the design. Attach to a piece of card stock to create framed pictures for the holidays or year-round. For a miniature project, find images of stained glass window panels on the Internet and re-size to fit dollhouses. Print, cut out and insert in windows and door panels.


Use acetates to create overlays and inserts on scrapbooking pages and cards. Print computer images of flowers, stars, border designs or any clip-art on acetate sheets. Cut them out, embellish with glitter, gemstones, buttons and ribbons and use them to decorate handmade cards and pages. Alternatively, cut an acetate sheet to the size of a card, score to fold and wrap around the card, gluing the corners. Wrap a ribbon around the inside of the card to the outside of the acetate at the fold and tie a bow to hold the two pieces together. Trim the edges of the acetate with glitter for sparkle.

Picture Frames

Make picture frames using a variety of scrapbooking papers cut and layered to create mats. Cut the openings of the mats in graduated sizes to allow each sheet to be seen. Insert a piece of acetate between the top layers instead of glass. Frame a special family vacation or holiday picture in seasonal papers, type your family name or a message and date in a word processing program and print on acetate. Position the message over the photo and cut to fit the frame. Add additional acetate printouts of related items to the front of the frame. An acetate star with glittered edges on the corner of a framed graduation photo would be a nice keepsake for a recent graduate.

Sun Catchers

Fill your windows with dazzling sun catchers made from acetate sheets. Find images to download from the Internet of your favorite images. Print them on the acetate, cut out with decorative scissors or in simple shapes and punch a hole in the top. Hang in a sunny window. Alternatively, create borders and backgrounds around the images before printing and cutting. Make an assortment of snowflakes or stars to hang from a ribbon garland for the winter holidays, or a summer garland of butterflies, birds and flowers.

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