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How to Make a Photo Keychain

Make a Photo Keychain

Photo keychains are a great way to keep your family and friends with you all day long. The project is so simple it makes a great afternoon craft project for children, or a great activity for teachers to implement in the classroom. Because the photos are thickly laminated, the keychains are durable, but lack the clunky, heavy feeling of resin or plastic keychains. Use these techniques to create name badges as well.

Make a Photo Keychain

Things You'll Need:

  • Key Ring
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Decorative Items Of Your Choice
  • Photo
  • Lamination Or Contact Paper

Choose a photo. You want a wallet sized photo or smaller, that won't get in your way when handling your keys. You can take any sized photo and cut it into an shape you like. Make sure there is room in the top to punch a hole without getting in the way of your image.

Take your photo to a copy shop and have it laminated or laminate it at home. To laminate it at home, you can use laminating sheets that you iron together, or you can use clean contact paper on each side. Some people like to laminate with clean tape, however, this is a less durable and more time consuming option.

Use a hole punch to make a hole in the upper corner or middle of your photo. Make sure to punch the hole so that it is not removing an important part of your photo. Take the key ring and loop it through the hole in your laminated photo.

Decorate your keychain. There are many ways you can do this. Try hot gluing foam cutouts on your keychain. You can also use puff paints or glitter glue to add more flair to your design. If you are more advanced, try sewing an intricate bead boarder or embroidering a design into your keychain. There are many popular stickers and decals for sale that you could also use, such as self-adhesive gems and crystals.


Attach your photo to your keychain before decorating it to avoid disturbing your decorations while drying.

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