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Art Ideas With Shot Glasses

Shot glasses can be embellished with metal clay.
Shot wih 'Paris' spelled on it image by Maria Sauh from Fotolia.com

Customize a set of shot glasses to give as a gift, or make a collection of shot glasses for wedding favors or as a keepsake from a party. Purchase plain glass shot glasses from a craft store for an inexpensive option. If you are creating a gift, interesting shot glasses can also be found in thrift stores.

Etched Glass

Glass etching is done with chemicals that can be found in an arts and craft supply store. Decide on an image with simple lines. Initials or small shapes such as the symbols from a deck of cards are a good choice for this project.

Print the image on copy paper and then cut it out, leaving a 1/4-inch edge all around. Clean the outside of the glass cleaner and dry completely. Cover with contact paper and then place the image inside the shot glass. Trace the image on the contact paper and then use a knife to cut out the design, leaving a stencil. Brush on the glass-etching cream evenly. Let the chemicals work for approximately 10 minutes and then wash with soapy water.

Painted Shot Glass

Paint markers can be used on the outside of clear or colored shot glasses. Use a stencil or freehand a name or small picture on the glass. Any mistakes made with the paint marker can be wiped away with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Use a cotton swab to apply the alcohol and clean the glass. Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours before using or wrapping as a gift. To further set the paint, some markers include instructions for baking the paint in a warm oven. Follow the manufacturer's directions.

Tic-tac-toe Game

Prepare a set of shot glasses and game board to play a drinking version of tic-tac-toe. These make good party favors for a bachelor party or celebration. The board is a square wood plaque that has two evenly spaces vertical lines intersected with two evenly spaced horizontal lines. Hot glue four strips of twine to the wood, or use paint to create the game board. Decorate the shot glasses with polymer or metal clay charms formed into an "X" or an "O." Attach the charms with super glue, or use memory wire to string on the outside of the glasses. You will need 6 of each for a total of 12 shot glasses.

Shot Glass Candles

Fill decorative old shot glasses with candle wax for a unique keepsake. Find ornate or souvenir shot glasses that suit the personality of the person you are creating a gift for, or use a wax color that complements your home's decor. Cut up old candles and place in the top portion of a double boiler. Uncolored wax can also be purchased from a craft store. Once melted, add coloring and scent if desired. Place wicks in the shot glasses and then carefully pour the hot wax into the glass. Hold the wick until the wax sets enough to hold it in place.

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