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Saran Wrap Craft Ideas

Encourage your child to use Saran Wrap in more productive ways.
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Most recreation activities advertised to consumers require spending money, which in turn demands that you spend more hours working. Take a break from this cycle and make your own fun. Get creative and use household items to construct crafts and homemade gifts. Put inexpensive objects such as Saran Wrap to use in craft activities. Carry out your projects with friends or with your children for a creative bonding experience.

Stained Glass

Creating a faux stained glass piece using Saran Wrap is a good craft for kids. Paint white cardboard or color it with markers. Emulate the style of stained glass by structuring your design like a mural. Add many small areas of color surrounded by black lines mimicking the metal outlines present in stained glass. Once your paint dries or you are finished with your marker design, wrap a sheet of Saran Wrap around the cardboard. Pull the plastic tight to eliminate wrinkles visible in the front and tape the ends of the Saran Wrap in place at the back. The plastic wrap will add sheen to your design so it resembles stained glass art.

Window Decorations

Take advantage of Saran Wrap’s properties and use it create decorations for your windows and mirrors. Spread out a sheet of Saran Wrap on a flat work surface. Use markers to draw colorful designs on the plastic. Decorate an entire sheet or draw individual designs, such as red hearts or blue fish. Keep designs large and simple. Once you are finished, carefully cut out your designs, leaving about ½ inch of Saran Wrap outside all color areas. Keep your fingers on this clear section rather than touching the places you colored with marker. This will help keep the ink in place. Press your designs onto glass surfaces such as windows and mirrors, tugging the corners to straighten them and remove wrinkles. Saran Wrap is sufficiently lightweight and sticky to adhere to smooth glossy surfaces, resulting in transparent and colorful decorations.

Light Show

Transform a room by changing the color of the light that illuminates it. Use markers to color a sheet of Saran Wrap a desired color, such as blue or red. Color a sheet that is large enough to cover the room’s light fixture. Place the Saran Wrap over the light fixture and it will cling and remain in place. The result is a colorful room without the cost of purchasing tinted lightbulbs. Incorporate this Saran Wrap light show during parties or for regular use. Only wrap fluorescent bulbs that do not generate heat. A hot incandescent bulb can melt Saran Wrap.

Decorative Candle

Decorate a large, plain candle using Saran Wrap. Use this craft to add an element of creativity to any room. Give decorative candles to friends as gifts with a personal touch. Choose ornate, delicate objects that you wish to feature on the side of your candle. For example, flatten leaves and flowers by pressing them in a book for several days. Cut a piece of Saran Wrap that matches the height and circumference of your candle. Place your decorations on the Saran Wrap. If they are lightweight, they will stick without adhesive. Wrap the plastic around the candle. The combination of tacky wax and plastic will create a delicate bond, holding your decorations in place. Be gentle when handling the candle to avoid tearing the Saran Wrap or bumping the decorations.

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