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How to Find a Ty Beanie Babies Buyer

Find a Beanie Baby buyer with these tips.
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If you are no longer taken back to the days of childhood with your Beanie Baby collection, it might be time to consider selling your collection. Yet between independent buyers, eBay and your Beanie-crazy little sister, selling your collection can be confusing. Unfortunately, most Beanie Babies do not sell for very much, but if you have rare Beanies or are willing to accept a reasonable price, here are a few ways to get the biggest bang for your Beanie buck.

Find out how much your collection is actually worth. Consult the Beanie Baby price guide, but be aware that it is unlikely you will be able to get that much, unless you are an established retail seller. A better way is to search eBay for the current selling rates of individual Beanies.

Decide if you want to sell your entire collection or sell your Beanie Babies one at a time. Selling Beanie Babies individually will yield more money but will be more time consuming and difficult. Selling your entire collection is much faster and easier, but will not fetch nearly the same price.

Check online for eBay auctions, collectible buyers, and wholesale buyers. EBay offers the chance to sell collections or individual Beanie Babies, but be aware that there are fees attached to transactions, and you will usually not be able to dictate a specific price. Collectible buyers are essentially antique buyers, and prices can be negotiated. However, collectible buyers are more interested in rarer Beanies, and may not even want your common ones. You can find a buyer at websites such as http://misterfindit.com. Lastly, wholesale buyers, such as http://www.buyingbean$.com and http://www.bbnovelties.com, will take your entire collection of Beanie Babies for a flat rate per Beanie. Buying Bean$, for example, pays 40 cents per Beanie, but will make exceptions for rare Beanie Babies. As you can see, you will not get rich off of a collection of common Beanies, but it is a quick way to clear out an overcrowded closet.

Place an ad in the newspaper. If you are not satisfied with Internet buyers, you can try to sell to individual buyers. However, relatively few people will see the ad, so it is less likely you will sell your Beanie Babies. This method does allow you to set your own price.

Send your Beanie Babies to your chosen buyer. Some Beanie Baby buyers have physical locations where you can drop off your collection. For most transactions, however, you will need to ship your Beanie Babies. Box up your collection and send it via your favorite shipper.

Things You'll Need:

  • Beanie Baby price guide
  • Internet access
  • Shipping boxes
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