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How to Sell Back Issues of Magazines

Printed copies of magazines will continue to become more scarce as there is an increase in demand for digital delivery of magazines.
magazine image by charles taylor from Fotolia.com

Buying and selling back issues of popular magazines can be a profitable hobby. As reading magazines online becomes more popular, fewer print copies will be produced. The limited availability of printed magazines will make hard copies more valuable as the demand outpaces the supply for the back issues. The more popular the content or the person on the cover, the more the magazine's value will increase. Finding the right method and place to sell the magazines is important for making the most money from this hobby.

Organize the magazines for sale. This will make them easily accessible to be shipped when ordered. Organize so that older magazines that are more fragile are stored in a way that will not damage and detract from their value.

Price the magazines. The Internet has various guides and valuing tools to help set the right price for a back issue. Compare the price of a similar back issue for sale on the Internet.

Select a sales method. Use sites that cater to selling magazines to collectors or online auction sites such as EBay.

Maintain records of your inventory and sales made. Keeping good records will assure that you do not lose money on the business and will keep your advertised items for sale accurate.

Revalue magazines often to determine if you are pricing them accurately. Current events will change the value of an older magazine. Often, stars' appeal and interest to the public change. That change can impact the value of your magazine.


Keep in contact with buyers. Let them know when you get other items similar to the ones that they bought. This might increase sales and repeat customers. Keeping in good contact and fulfilling orders in a timely and accurate manner will increase customer relations and pay large dividends in the future. Offer deals to entice people to buy more magazines.


  • Prices of back issues will change periodically. Understanding the collectors' market is important for maximizing profits while limiting potential losses.
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