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How to Find Clothes From TV Shows

Find the clothes worn in TV shows on the Internet.
Emma Innocenti/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Many people want to dress like their favorite TV star, and today you can. You can find the actual clothes worn on TV shows, or you can buy affordable copies. The clothes from TV shows can be found by looking in celebrity and fashion magazines or by searching specialist websites, some of which have been set up by celebrities themselves. Depending on your budget, once you have located the items you want you can decide to buy an original item or go to your local mall to buy an affordable copy.

Make a list of the shows you would like to find the clothes for.

Search sites such as www.celebritystyleguide.com and www.starstyleinc.com. On these sites you can search by TV show or star to find copies of the clothes worn on your favorite TV shows.

Examine celebrity and fashion magazines. They will often list the clothes worn on TV shows and provide information on where you can find similar, affordable items.

Search the site www.clothesoffourback.org to find and purchase actual clothes worn on TV shows. The Clothes Off Our Back is a charitable foundation that hosts auctions of celebrity clothing much of which has appeared on television. You can bid on the clothing you want and the proceeds go to children’s charities. The organization was founded by Jane Kaczmarek ("Malcolm In The Middle," "Raising the Bar") and Bradley Whitford ("The West Wing," "The Good Guys").


The actual clothes worn on TV shows often stay in the TV show closets and get recycled. It is difficult to find actual clothing worn on TV; you will have better luck finding copies to buy in the mall.

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