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How to Find Out How Much a Collectible "I Love Lucy" Doll Is Worth

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The "I Love Lucy" Barbie series was one of the most popular lines of dolls created by Mattel. Collectors of Mattel dolls often search for these Barbies to add to their collections because of the dolls' connection to the popular American sitcom "I Love Lucy." Find out how much your "I Love Lucy" doll is worth if you're considering selling it--or just for your own personal knowledge.

Visit eBay, the online auction site (see Resources). From the list of "All Categories," select "Dolls & Bears." Type the name of your "I Love Lucy" series doll in the search box. Finally, select the "Auctions Only" tab to see how much your particular doll is being sold for at auction. This will give you a snapshot of its current market value. This option for finding the value of your doll is readily accessible online and free, although it may not be the most accurate way to find the value of the doll.

Visit the Doll Show website (see Resources). Scroll down to find event information and listings for upcoming doll shows around the United States. Doll collectors from many different places attend these events, and such shows include doll auctions and appraisals. Getting a doll appraisal from an expert at one of these events can give you the most accurate current market value of your doll, but at the cost of a small fee for event registration.

Consult a copy of the book "Collector's Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll 2008: Identification & Values" by J. Michael Augustyniak. Find your "I Love Lucy" doll's name, intended appearance, set and series in the book to determine the current market value of the doll. This encyclopedia is a well-known resource for all Barbie dolls, including the "I Love Lucy" series, and it will give you the current market value for your doll.


It is very important to examine your doll and note any imperfection or damage, because this will decrease the the value.

You can search eBay to find out a current market value, but remember that these values are often discounted for buyers.


  • To command the highest price, the doll needs to be in its original packaging.
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