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How to Tie Your Own Hands

It is quick and relatively easy to tie your own hands. If you are performing this process at home, you probably already have the supplies to do so. With a little bit of patience, you'll be able to form a strong knot around your wrists. The hard part, however, will be undoing it once you have tied your own hands.

Place the rope of string onto a table. Pull it straight and lay it perpendicular to you, so it is lying horizontally in front of you.

Create a loop large enough for both your hands to fit into it. Do not knot it, but create the first tie of the string.

Slip your nondominant hand into the loop. Leave your dominant hand outside of the loop momentarily. Use your dominant hand to create the second tie of the string, forming a knot if you were to pull it more tightly. Do not pull it yet.

Place your dominant hand in the loop next to your nondominant hand.

Use your teeth to manipulate the knot down to your wrists and tighten it to your desired level. Once you have it in place, use your teeth to pull the strings into a knot.

Things You'll Need:

  • Rope or string
  • Table surface


Only perform this process if there is someone around to help you remove the strings after you have tied your hands together. Once you form the knot, it is not possible to remove the strings without the assistance of another person.

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