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How to Play a D Note on a Recorder

Play the recorder easily.
Recorder image by Ellanorah from Fotolia.com

A recorder is a musical instrument that it considered part of the woodwind family. It is played by blowing into one end while blocking the holes with fingers. While some consider the recorder a child's toy because of its ease of use, there are those who play professionally. If you are just starting to learn how to play the recorder and want to learn how to play a D note, you can do so very easily.

Hold the recorder upright and place your mouth firmly around the mouthpiece.

Place the thumb on your left hand onto the hole on the back of the recorder. Place the remaining four fingers on the holes on the front of the recorder from the hole closest to your mouth downward.

Cover the next two holes on the recorder with your index finger and your middle finger of your right hand. Leave the final hole open.

Blow into the mouthpiece to play the "D" note.

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