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How to Tie a Knot Without Letting Go of the String

Use a sleight-of-hand magic trick to tie a knot in a string without dropping an end.
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A magic trick done by many magicians is tying a knot in rope or string without letting go of either end. The truth behind the trick is that you actually do drop one end while creating the knot. The deception is what a magician calls a sleight-of-hand trick that fools the eye. This means the motion created in making the knot is fast enough that someone watching does not see you drop the end of the rope or string during the process.

Hold the ends of a 40-inch piece of string in the palm of each hand so the ends are extending past your thumb and forefinger. Close your fingers around the string and turn your fists so your thumbs are on top.

Bend your right elbow so it is at an approximate 25 degree angle. Move your left hand behind your right forearm and drape the string over the top of the right forearm. Bring the end of the string straight down so the end is approximately 6-inches past the loop formed over your right arm.

Move your left hand so the so the string hanging straight down divides the loop on your right arm in half. Insert your left hand through the divide to the right, across the back of the straight end and through the divide to the left.

Pull your hands apart until the string is tight. Look at the strings between your hands. An X is formed in the two strings closest to you. A single strand is farthest from you with a small loop that makes an X shape close to your left hand.

Turn your left palm away from you. Bend your hand at the wrist. Let go of the end of string in your hand and immediately grab the string directly beneath your wrist. Bend your right wrist at the same time and allow the loop to go over your knuckles. Do not let go of the end of the string in your right hand. Pull your left and right hands straight out. You have just created a knot.

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