How to Dance the Pony

The Pony is a fun 1960s dance that became popular with a song Chubby Checker recorded called "Pony Time." It was done as a couples dance, but the duet never touched doing the dance steps.

Stand like you normally would facing your partner.

Jump to the right, landing on your right foot with your left foot suspended above the floor, next to your right ankle.

Put your left foot down on the toes only. Lifting your right foot off the floor to ankle height.

Step back down with your right foot and again lift your left foot to ankle height above the floor.

Jump to your left and put your left foot down while bringing your right foot above the ground to ankle height.

Put your right foot down on the toes only, lifting your left foot until it is ankle height above the floor.

Step back down with your left foot and again lift your right to ankle height above the floor.

Move your arms up when you are "ponying" right, and down when "ponying" to the left.

Repeat for the entire dance song.


  • This is a fast-paced dance. If you do not have the stamina it can wear you out. Counts for the right foot are 1. For the left foot, 3 and 4.


  • You can move around the dance floor, but this is not line dancing. Don't swing your arms above your head. Swing them close to your body in rapid succession.


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