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How to Thread a Mighty Mender W100

Thread must be properly wound through a machine.
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One of the first things that must be done before starting any sewing project is to thread the needle, whether sewing by hand or using a machine. When using a machine like the W100 Mighty Mender, threading can be a process that takes several steps, some dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Needle Threading

Pull some thread loose from the spool and slip it into the first thread guide near the needle.

Keep pulling it up to the second thread guide and through the circular slit.

Slip the thread between the two tension disks of the third thread guide at the needle tension dial while keeping the thread tight.

Turn the hand wheel counterclockwise and raise the presser bar lifter to the highest position. Pull the thread through the hole from right to left.

Bobbin Winding

Remove the empty bobbin by sliding open the bobbin cover.

Push down on the bobbin winder switch to raise the bobbin winder. Align the hole in the bobbin with the driving pin on the bobbin winder and push the bobbin down onto the winder.

Put the spool of thread onto the spool pin. Pull the thread from the spool and pull through the first thread guide, wrapping once around the tension disk. Then pull the thread through the hole in the bobbin from the inside until it is about 3 inches long.

Turn on the power and hold onto the thread tightly. Step on the foot control. Stop after the thread has wound a few times. Cut the thread on top of the bobbin and about 4 inches from the machine. Lower the bobbin winder by pushing the bobbin winder switch up.

Hold the end with the long thread with your left hand and place the wound bobbin into the bobbin case. Feed the thread through the two notches -- first the top one, then the one slightly to the right. Leave about 4 inches of thread to your left lying on top of the bobbin.

Bobbin Thread Raising

Pull up the presser bar lifter to raise the presser foot.

Hold the top thread in one hand, then turn the hand wheel counterclockwise to make the needle go up and down. A loop will be formed by the bobbin thread.

Open the loop formed by the bobbin thread and find the end. Pull both threads to the side and put the bobbin cover back in place. The machine is now threaded and ready to use.

Things You'll Need:

  • W100 Mighty Mender
  • Thread
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