How to Put a Bobbin Back in Mighty Mender W100

bobbins image by Alison Bowden from

Things You'll Need

  • White W-100 Mighty Mender Lightweight Portable Compact Sewing Machine
  • Loaded bobbin

When your bobbin runs out of thread during any sewing project, you must refill it before you can begin working again. If you put your bobbin back in your machine incorrectly, however, you won’t have much success sewing. Replacing the bobbin in the White W-100 Mighty Mender Lightweight Portable Compact Sewing Machine isn’t much different than that of other standard sewing machines, including those manufactured by the White Sewing Machine Company.

Remove the bobbin plate from the machine by sliding it toward you. Set aside the plastic plate, oriented in the same way as it was on top of the machine.

Hold the full bobbin between your thumb and forefinger of your right hand with the thread running counterclockwise and the tail of the thread running toward your thumb. Hold the tail of the thread between the thumb and forefinger of your left hand.

Drop the bobbin down into the bobbin case without letting go of the thread tail. Swing the thread tail to the right, still working counterclockwise, and hook it onto the cutout at the bottom of the bobbin case.

Bring the thread back to the left (clockwise) to lock the thread between the cutout of the bobbin case and the spring inside. Continue to bring the thread left to catch the cutout on the left hand side of the bobbin case.

Pull the thread up toward the needle to double check that it is caught on both cutouts. Pull the length of the bobbin thread to about 6 inches long. Replace the plastic bobbin plate over the thread and bobbin.


  • Always sew a test strip of a few inches on a piece of scrap fabric to check that your thread tension is correct and that the bobbin has been put back properly.