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How to Troubleshoot a Melco AMAYA

Replace a thread cone if that thread color continually breaks.
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Based in Switzerland and owned by Oerlikon/Saurer, a worldwide producer of embroidery systems, Melco manufactures commercial and home-based embroidery machines in the U.S., since 1972. Melco continues to provide AMAYA embroidery systems, such as the AMAYA XTS Single-Head, the AMAYA XTS Multi-Head and the AMAYA BRAVO machine. Melco also offers you free training on your AMAYA machine if you purchased it from Melco. Troubleshooting your Melco AMAYA will help you save time, allowing you to return to your sewing projects without delay.

Power up your AMAYA machine if a sudden power loss occurs during operation. Your machine has an automatic power-fail recovery system and should return to its position when you were sewing a design. Your machine cannot be restored to its former position if too much time passed since it lost power as the backup capacitor will be drained.

Lift up the thread feeder arm and pull some of the upper thread through the eye of the needle to see if the thread runs smooth on one particular color or on one needle if the thread keeps breaking. Put the thread feeder arm down and continue sewing if the thread runs smoothly. Replace the needle if the thread continues to break by positioning the needle facing the front with the needle eye facing five degrees to the right.

Replace the thread with a new cone of thread if the thread breaks with just one color. As the years go by, thread becomes brittle and will break.

If your AMAYA machine gives you false upper thread breaks, locate the thread retainer spring at the bottom of the needle case cover and ensure you do not have the thread pulled too tightly after you thread the needle. Your machine has a thread break detection system, which can provide false thread breaks when too much thread tension exists.

Check for a power outage or glitch in your area if your AMAYA machine suddenly stops in the middle of your sewing. Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to maintain power to your electrical loads in the event of a power disruption.


Clean under the bobbin case tension spring whenever you change the bobbin by sliding the corner of a small piece of paper under the spring in the same direction of the thread. This removes an accumulation of bobbin wax and lint. Be careful not to bend the tension spring.

Call Melco Customer Service at 877-840-5829 if you continue having problems with your AMAYA machine.

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